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favorite people

"This man right here is one of my favorite people! Not only is he the dentist who gave me my beautiful smile, but he’s a wonderful supporter of everything I do! So grateful to know him and all he has done for me!

Thank you Dr. Bosler. And if you need your teeth fixed people, he is the teeth God!!!"

Hazel Payne, Miss. Vacaville USA 2013

staff are wonderful

"I love Dr. Bosler; his family and staff are wonderful, and so warm and friendly. I always feel like I’m stepping into a nice resort with the beautiful decor, glowing candles, cookies, and refreshments, not a dentist office. Thank you Dr. Bosler. Love my smile too!"


"After several years of being disappointed with a bridge I had gotten, I decided to try Dr. Bosler’s office to see if he could make my smile a little more natural looking. I went in for a consultation, thinking he was going to tell me that the bridge I had was about all that could be done. Boy was I wrong. Dr. Bosler said he could make my smile beautiful and that ‘no woman should have anything less than a beautiful smile,’ and he was going to make mine just that. Well, Dr. Bosler did just that and more. Between his kind and gracious personality and his staff’s friendliness, I have never had a better experience. My smile is wonderful and I even changed insurance so I could have Dr. Bosler as my regular dentist. Dr. Bosler is amazing and his staff is wonderful. I love my new smile!"

Carey Mansfield


"Dr. Bosler, it’s been 10 years since you changed all my fillings to beautiful white resin, whitened my teeth and gave me the hygienist smile I wanted for my job. I can’t thank you enough for being so careful in your work. As you know, I am extremely particular about the look and quality of care I receive. People ask me if I have perfect teeth because I am a Hygienist, and I tell them that I have great teeth because I travel to California to see a great Dentist. Since leaving California, I have lived and worked for Dentists in New York, Boston, and now Seoul, South Korea and have yet to find someone as detailed in their work, as updated in the latest materials and techniques, and as friendly as you. Thank you for doing a fantastic job."

Mindi Morris, Dental Hygienist


"I love Dr Bosler and his staff, because they always make me feel at home, and I can count on them to keep my smile beautiful!"

Allie Lamb, Miss Vacaville USA 2012


"I have been going to your dentistry for 18 years and I am so thankful for my healthy smile to this day! Thanks for all your hard work and caring employees."

Bekah Ariel Harriman

smile shining

"Dr. Bosler, Thanks for keeping my smile shining!"

Love, Jackie Geist, Miss America 2009


"Hey Dr Bosler and wonderful staff- Here’s a picture of bliss for your smile gallery!"

Nicol Stephenson

amazing dentist

"I want to thank my dad for being the most amazing dentist on earth. He has made my smile so beautiful and for so many of my friends as well. Dad, when it comes to your profession, you’re the best–and if possible, you’re even a better dad! You’re my hero and I love you!"

Kaitlin Bosler Goldthorpe, Miss California Teen, 2006

Dr. Bosler´s office

"When you walk in Dr. Bosler´s office, you instantly feel special. Dr. Bosler and staff treat you with such kindness and care, that I actually looked forward to going to the dentist. I am so happy with the results of my teeth. I used to feel insecure about smiling, but now I just can´t stop. And I have Dr. Bosler to thank. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an expert dentist and staff who will give you the treatment and results you deserve."

Wendy Rapley, International Educator

grandkids started

"I knew I had to do something when my grandkids started asking, “Grampa, how come your teeth are turning yellow?” I explained it was just because the gold filling was showing and we would laugh about it but my smile was getting smaller as the months passed by and that wasn’t good for my TV appearances, filming schedules and classes I teach, so I took some professional advice and Dr. Bosler put me “in the chair.” What a change! One of my students said, “You look like you just lost 10 years. Did you change your hair?” Another suggested, “You had a face lift, right?” My smile has turned back the pages of my life and I am so comfortable with my teeth that I seldom even think about it anymore. Thank you Dr. Bosler. My teeth look so naturally healthy! (I am smiling while I write this)."

Dr. Vernon Woolf, Author; Founder and CEO of Holodynamics


"For years I accepted and tolerated the grinding, popping, cracking, and uneven bit with my jaw. I associated the pain in my eyes, temples, jaw, and neck with the stress from work. Eating around others always led to conversation about my jaw and healthy the loud sounds it made when I chewed. I was a bit embarrassed to draw such attention to myself, and absolutely dreaded people watching (and especially hearing) me eat. I also dreaded showing a full smile, because I always felt my teeth and face appeared a bit squatty. As a Registered Nurse, having a healthy smile was important, and mine was far from healthy.

Yes, I’ve been seen by a dentist before, but was never given peace of mind. My mother told me about Dr. Bruce Bosler and his excellent staff. I was excited to find out about the care, and hoped they could fix my smile.

Well, gratefully enough, that was just what they did…fix my smile. Dr. Bosler diagnosed my condition as the start of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). He had me follow up with him ad his team regularly. I underwent x-rays, facial muscle measurements, mouth molds, a palate expander, braces, and regular cleaning and composite placement to get my bite perfect. This was a process of approximately 2 years. The hardest part was immediately after getting the palate expander placed, but with time I became used to it.

Now, I can say this treatment takes mutual commitment by the patient along with Dr. Bosler and his staff if you want the best results. It wasn’t hard at all to stay the course, because Dr. Bosler and all of his team treated me like family. I enjoyed my visits, and there was very minimal discomfort throughout the process.

My treatment was complete a few weeks before my wedding day, the pain in my head resolved, I ate quietly, I swallowed better, and i felt healthier. And the best part is…I LOVE MY SMILE!!!

Thank you to all of you for making my life that much better."

Justine Weldon, RN


"Dr. Bruce Bosler, I want to thank you for the professional approach you took in miraculous restoring my teeth and making them better than before. I came to you with multiple problems regarding a bridge that I needed repaired and you did an awesome job. I was examined by two other dentists in my hometown and neither one of them detected the necessity to have a root canal. It certainly was worth a plane trip to have you fix my teeth correct.

Thank you for the manner in which you repaired my teeth. You were extremely gentle and the whole procedure was accomplished with minimal pain. Your attention to the details was amazing to me. The laboratory where my bridge was made was made to perfection, thanks to your precise measurements and preparations. When you placed the bridge in place it fit absolutely perfectly. It was amazing that you did not have to grind it down to accommodate a perfect bite. I have never had crown or bridge work done before without having the every dentist grinding the bridge or crown down to fit perfectly.

Thank you for taking the time to make sure everything would fit perfectly and thank you for taking the time to explain to me each step you were going to be taking before do the work.

The next step would be to come for cosmetic surgery for my four front teeth. You are indeed a artist when working with the total field of dentistry. Thanks again!"

Cornell Thomas, PhD


"They say your eyes and smile are the window to your soul. Well, Dr. Bosler’s dentistry made mine a smiling rainbow!"

Cindy Cliff


"Dr. Bosler helps you find the best appearance you could ever have, blending your own personality with the most advanced dental science; giving you both an accurate, comfortable bite and a look far beyond your hopes…that’s dental artistry!"

David. B

"I was referred to Dr. Bosler for Cosmetic denistry but during my consultation I mentioned I have migraines, painful popping of jaw joints and ringing my ears that I have suffered with for years. Dr. Bosler said that he would be able to help me with these symptoms. I knew I had TMJ but to be able to have relief from these major symptoms would be more than WONDERFUL. I won’t go into details I will leave that to Dr. Bosler and his wonderful staff, but I can tell you this I AM FREE FROM THOSE PAINFUL JAW DISLOCATIONS, RINGING IN MY EARS AND MY MIGRAINES ARE NOT AS SEVERE.


Wendy Cummings

"After years of headaches and without knowing the cause, I was unable to be diagnosed by any of the doctors I went to see. Finally I went to Dr. Bosler and he knew right away that I had a TMJ problem. He created an orthodic that completely eliminated my headaches! I am pain free and lovin’ life!! Not to mention that my wife and I have whiter and more beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Bosler as well. Thank you, Dr. Bosler—I am a very happy man!"

Tim Clarkson

"After what looked like a small strawberry seed between my front teeth (a small space) and after too many well meaning friends saying, “Lori, you have something in your teeth, ” I decided to visit Dr. Bosler for some advice. Within minutes the space was non-existent and my bright smile, which had been previously whitened years ago by Dr. Bosler, looked amazing. My three daughters have been orthodontic patients and they all have gorgeous smiles! Currently he is helping me with a TMJ problem, and I feel relief from pain for the first time in years. Dr. Bosler does it all…..along with his caring staff, and we will keep coming back!"

Lori Eggold, San Ramon, CA

"I don’t think a dentist can come more highly recommended than Dr. Bruce Bosler. He is such a perfectionist that everything he does is top quality. He has top of the line equipment, he is highly skilled in all areas of his expertise, and each of his patients is just as important to him as the next. He is also very gentle and caring. I cannot ever remember feeling any discomfort during a session with him. On top of assuring each patient a beautiful smile one can be assured that Dr. Bosler will be honest, meticulous and fair in anything that he does. Our entire family loves him!"

Susan Collins, patient

"My experiences with Dr. Bosler over the years have solidified the fact that this man is truly an amazing dentist. Dr. Bosler was my dentist for years, and always ensured exact precision and perfection when working on my teeth. I had a gap in my teeth from my youth, and Dr. Bosler suggested porcelain veneers. He created a set of beautiful front teeth, and suddenly my smile changed from plain to striking. As I now live quite a distance from Dr. Bosler, I visit another dentist, who never fails to comment on my beautiful veneers and how impressed he is with the dentist who performed the work. Thanks Dr. Bosler for making a huge difference in how I feel about myself!"

Brandon Woolf, Palo Alto, CA

David Grant

"Dr Bosler & Team were great! Wonderful service and enjoyable atmosphere; I would recommend them to anyone!"

Dr Andy T, Radiologist at David Grant

Aurora Ramirez

"Dr. Bosler’s warm compassionate nature, combined with his amazing attention to detail, is just what I needed to achieve this great smile."

Aurora Ramirez


"Just perfect, Dr Bosler."

Mike Burle

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