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301 Alamo Drive, Suite A-2, Vacaville, CA 95688
(707) 449-3661
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Smile Gallery

All photos are completely natural and not touched up. We have even more photos to share with you if you come in for a cosmetic consultation. Please call our office at (707) 449-3661.

Please click on the pictures below to see the before and after photos.

Samples of how we can help you:

“It was about 7 years ago and I got in a terrible car accident on my way to work - hit the steering wheel and my teeth were just knocked out. I had the gold grill in and so I just hid it for years. And you know I’m getting a little older and you can’t keep a grill in your mouth forever. So I just knew it was time to go get it done. I’m super excited. When I got here and I met everybody I knew I was in the right place. I’m ready to go show it off. I love being here. I never thought I would say that.” ~ Golden

“I was grinding my teeth lately and so several teeth were broken. I had wanted to get my teeth fixed for a long time and one day decided to fly out to see Dr Bosler. I had seen some smiles he had worked on and they were always so perfect so I just decided to go for it. This is how they turned out. I’m not kidding, it is just remarkable, they feel so natural, the color’s great, the length is great and they just feel PERFECT. So in just two visits he was done and now I just really feel like smiling and not being so shy and covering my face up because I had so many broken teeth. I get complements that I look a lot younger so I love that too. You know, really, it’s remarkable. They are the most beautiful teeth I’ve ever had. Ever.” ~ Trevor W.

“I felt really bad about my teeth. I didn’t want dentures and I have a very limited budget since I am in college and don’t receive financial help from my parents. The snap-on-smile is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much Dr. Bosler. My boyfriend really likes the new me.” ~ Wyleen

“I grew up with my mother always telling me, “Remember — don’t smile!” Seriously. I have been self-conscious of my teeth my whole life. Even on my wedding day I made sure I didn’t smile in any pictures. It’s so sad when you think about it. Then I finally came to a complimentary consult with Dr Bosler and decided to do something for myself. I couldn’t be happier. I literally can’t stop smiling. It has changed my life. Even with the current pandemic, I love being able to smile in all of my zoom meetings and over facetime at work. I’ve never felt better and I receive so many complements. I’m a new woman.” ~ Caroline

Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery
Smile Gallery

301 Alamo Drive, Suite A-2
Vacaville, CA 95688